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This happened to me the other day and I didn’t know how to react. She really thought I was a student. Lol. #Babyfacegoawayplz


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A little comic I made the other day. Ever time I paint, this happens. Tea gets ruined. Coffee gets ruined. EVERY SINGLE TIME! I never learn lol.


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I haven’t posted these here yet so here it goes! Second batch of YSW members AT style! :)


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Better pic

YSW Leaders 

Sakky, Dirty Classic, Webkid and DesertCoyote

Second pic: Relyks and myself, Eli

:D more to come soon

More members. YSW. Desert and Dirty Classic :D

Ya que no he subido nada en años… ahora que no tengo pc, ni puedo ocupar el escaner ni mi tablet… decido subir algo, LOL.

Mi amigo Sakky del clan YSW (TLOU MP). Adventure Time style. FUCK YEAH :D

It happens.

Sería penca poder leer la mente de otras personas… 

Trying out a new style  = =

Sometimes I over think so much it hurts.

I finished completing another sketchbook so I scanned it and put together some of my favorite sketches from it.

See if you can recognize some characters :D

Hey guys! To watch how I drew/painted this please click here! :D Happy halloween!

A speedpaint for Halloween :D! I love witches hehe~

Whoa hey, I just realized I reached 100 followers! :D 101 to be exact. THANK YOU SO MUCH guys, it really means a lot! I know I haven’t been uploading much stuff on here but I will be soon :) Thanks again to everyone! <3

Some Halloween charms I’ve been working on. Made a video of the kitty-cookie charm :) If you wanna see it, click here! I’ll try and edit the next videos these next few days *w*

Hi, my name is Eli, aka. Lita on my main blog, and I'll be posting my drawings here as well as other things! :>

I'll try and update at least once a week with either a sketch/drawing or charms (I make stuff out of polymer clay for fun).

I may take requests in the future :>

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